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These past few days I’ve been soaking up all the beautiful sunshine, reminiscing on the many incredible wellness retreats I’ve been blessed to nurture with my food. It’s been an incredible journey for me as a chef to find two things I enjoy the most, creating food & all things related to wellness. Being able to bring them together in a very intentional way is the cherry on top!


One retreat that particularly stood out for me was a few years ago at a beautiful historical ranch in Livermore, California. Reinstein Ranch (@reinsteinranch) is a family-owned horse and cattle ranch that one of my old-time yoga friend’s family owns. Christianna (Reinstein) Kohler (@gotoyourmat) was hosting a yoga “Day-Treat” retreat with another dear friend, Natalie Shapiro (@nataliemarieshapiro). They brought me on as their “yoga chef” to create a delicious and nourishing vegan meal for the participants. 


It was such a lovely set-up and had all the elements of a well-rounded, nurturing, safe and grounding space. Roughly 40 participants came to disconnect from the hustle, connect with community, and to dive deep into themselves. Being able to provide them with edible nourishment was an honor and was equally nourishing for me. Since the retreat was in summer I decided to curate a menu focusing on local ingredients that were in season, which is something I always try to do when creating menus.

I am looking forward to this upcoming retreat season so that I can continue to share my passion and love for cooking and all things wellness!

– Chef Lindsey of San Francisco, CA


Summer Rainbow Kale Salad w/Grilled Nectarine, Purple Cabbage, Slivered Almonds, Edible Flowers & Lemon-Epazote (Mexican Oregano) Vinaigrette

Garlic-Roasted Asparagus, Green Beans & Broccoli Rabe w/Southwest Harissa Tahini Sauce

Plantain Tostones w/Cashew Cream

Germinated Brown Rice & Sweet Corn Pilaf

Raspberry & Fig Cheesecake Cups w/Cacao Nib & Toasted Hazelnut Crust

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Cooking has been a passion of Lindsey’s since a very young age. It’s a way for her to express herself creatively and at the same time, maintain a deep connection with the food that nourishes her and the people she loves.
She received her Associates of Occupational Studies at the Le Cordon Bleu California Culinary Academy in 2007. Since then, she has developed her skills in the plant-based world catering weddings, retreats, birthday gatherings, picnics, special events, etc.
​Her most recent food project is “Noorished By Nature”, a creation dedicated to the beautiful abundance our Mother Earth nourishes us with at all times. With Noorished By Nature, she primarily focuses on food prep for private clients including new mothers, busy individuals, families, and those with strict dietary restrictions.
Lindsey’s food emphasizes local & organic ingredients as much as possible. She enjoys creating food that is eclectically inspired by her travels around the world.

Meet Chef Lindsey:

  • Areas Served: SF Bay Area & International
  • Styles of Cuisine Offered: Plant-centric with an emphasis on international cuisines inspired by my travels. Food prep for private clients including new mothers, busy individuals, families, and those with strict dietary restrictions, weddings, retreats, birthday gatherings, picnics, special events, etc.
  • More Pleaze Chef since the very beginning.

Client Testimonial:

“I had the pleasure of enjoying food cooked by Lindsey during a full day yoga retreat. Let me just say the presentation of the table and all the beautiful colors of the food just blew me away! Everything was fresh, light and absolutely tasty. There was everything from fresh greens to hearty grains. Not only was her timing of the flow of food nicely executed, it was the perfect healthy farm fresh food you would want while attending a day of yoga in the sun. You could tell all the food was made with so much love and care and that it resonated at such a high vibration.

I remember waking into the kitchen being a curious chef myself and asking why she was collecting all the metal ties to the vegetables and containers from the fruit. It was so she could see how much waste she was using during her cooking process. The ultimate appreciation for her really understanding her impact on this planet, trying to use the least amount of plastic and waste in her process of creating something spectacular for us all.

I would highly recommend Chef Lindsey for your next event, retreat or private dinner! She’s is spectacular!”

– Kayla M., Retreat Participant