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Meet Founder: Chef Kyra Bramble

Private chef experiences where gourmet meets wellness



More Pleaze's journey began with a simple love for private chef experiences. It all started when Chef Kyra Bramble and her friends shared a passion for good food that nourishes both body and soul. They envisioned a platform where talented chefs could connect with people seeking delightful, wholesome meals. What began as a shared dream quickly became a reality, as they worked together to create More Pleaze. Today, it's a vibrant community of chefs and food enthusiasts, celebrating the joy of exceptional dining experiences.



As the founder of More Pleaze, I embarked on a culinary journey that diverged from conventional paths. While my strengths lay in organization, healing, and creativity, I attended a traditional culinary school with a different vision in mind. I harbored no desire for the rigors of a high-stress, minimum-wage, windowless kitchen, opting instead for a more holistic approach to food.

For me, food transcended the culinary domain; it was a conduit for storytelling, sharing, and healing. My comfort zone resided in the front-of-house of restaurants, where I could personally engage with people through food, even if I wasn’t the one wielding the chef’s knife. Saving earnings from waitressing, I embarked on extensive journeys, backpacking, exploring open-air food markets, and volunteering on organic farms. It was during these immersive experiences that I acquired profound insights into the art of cooking and the transformative power of food, far exceeding the boundaries of culinary school.

Teaching cooking classes bridged the gap between hospitality and culinary arts for me. Subsequently, I ventured into catering for retreats, nurturing a visionary aspiration of making a livelihood by crafting healing cuisine and supporting transformative gatherings through food. This dream materialized as I became a fully-booked private chef specializing in retreat catering, dedicating my days to the preparation of intentional, locally sourced cuisine for discerning individuals. As my business flourished, client requests burgeoned to the point where I required additional support.

It was during this juncture that a profound realization occurred. I recognized an opportunity to support not only the wellness industry but also fellow chefs by facilitating connections. Thus, More Pleaze was conceived, and I committed to its sustainable and conscientious growth. Attuned to the needs of both chefs and clients, I have worked tirelessly to serve them, enabling their success.

Today, I remain a vital part of this ever-evolving journey. More Pleaze’s inception saw me as a ‘concierge,’ manually forging links between chefs and clients. As demand surged, I engaged a developer, resulting in the fully functional online portal that you are currently navigating. This platform is dedicated to fostering connections and empowerment.

Living my vision while empowering others to do the same is a dream realized. I take immense pride in this company and the remarkable individuals who constitute our community, including colleagues and even chosen family.

My aspiration is not to create a collective of uniform chefs; rather, I celebrate diversity in training, beliefs, ethnicities, spirituality, and every facet of the human experience. Each of our chefs, like myself, is a unique individual, specializing in their chosen expressions of healthy cuisine, ranging from casual to high-end, including farm-to-table, raw vegan, ayurvedic, paleo, pescatarian, traditional, and multicultural vegetarian fusion. The common thread among them is a shared commitment to infusing wellness, community, and intention into their culinary artistry.

At More Pleaze, we firmly subscribe to the belief that food is medicine. Our chefs are more than culinary experts; they are healers, artists, and advocates for health. I extend my heartfelt gratitude for your invaluable support.




We are dedicated to providing a supportive community for private chefs, empowering them to make a significant impact in the culinary world. Through our chef-friendly app and online platform, we give them the tools and resources to thrive in their culinary ventures.


We are passionate about crafting healthy and gourmet cuisine that tantalizes the taste buds while nourishing the body and soul. Our diverse team of chefs caters to a variety of budgets and taste profiles, offering a culinary experience that combines the best of wellness and gourmet indulgence.


More Pleaze bridges gaps and fosters connections that may not have existed before. Our chef-friendly app and online platform connect chefs with clients, creating unique culinary experiences and forging bonds in the process. We believe in the power of food to bring people together, championing conscious eating without judgment, ego, or rigid ideologies.


We embrace diversity in chefs, cuisine, and clients. Our platform welcomes a wide array of culinary backgrounds, tastes, and preferences, ensuring that everyone can find a place to celebrate their unique culinary journey with us.