Food is medicine, and our chefs aren’t just chefs; they are healers, artists, and health advocates.

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what is a conscious chef?
A conscious chef is someone whose work revolves around healing with food, respecting the earth, and wanting to offer more to the profession than the classic hectic restaurant paradigm. None of our chefs are identical. Each has their own specialties, own style, and own life experience to share through their food.
what all our chefs embody
*A passion for food, wellness, and human connection
*Working knowledge of various cuisine styles and dietary restrictions
*Calm, personable demeanor, and ability to work calmly in open kitchens
*Personal relationships with local farmers and food purveyors
*Knowledge of local and seasonal ingredients
*Holistic health-minded in work and life
*Able to create customized menus for a variety of specialty diets and allergies
*A knowledge that LOVE is the most important ingredient we can put into food.
examples of what our chefs can provide 
*Fine dining seated dinners
*Meal preparation or delivery for busy families
*In-house chef services for vacations
*Retreat catering for yoga, meditation, and/0r spiritual retreats
*Cooking classes and/or workshops
*Farm-to-table rustic cuisine
*Vegan, raw, and fusion cuisine
*Ovo-lacto vegetarian cuisine
*100% plant-based or primarily plant-based with sustainable animal products
*Ayurvedic preparation  for dosha-balancing or dosha specific meals
*Macro-biotic cuisine
*Paleo and/or plant-based paleo
*Gluten-free cuisine
*Oil-free cuisine
*Health coaching and/or nutrition training (note – we are not a health coach service, but many of our chefs have such training and can infuse it within their menu direction.
where our chefs are 
*Northern California: San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Marin, Sonoma, Monterey
*Southern California: Los Angeles, San Diego
*Hawaii: Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Big Island
*Colorado: Boulder/Denver, Aspen, Telluride
*Washington: Seattle
*Oregon: Portland
*Anywhere! We have chef contacts across the United States, Europe, and Australia, we are always happy to support meetings and community growth whenever possible!
All chefs set their own rates, but we adhere to industry standards.
Private chef rates are typically hourly + cost of food + service charge.
Dinners are typically per guest for over 6-10 guests.
Meal prep and delivery rates may be per person (for established meal delivery providers) or hourly + cost of food for personalized offerings.
Rates vary by menu, amount of meals, location, and chef’s experience level. Please let us know what your ideal budget is when you contact us so we can pair you with a chef within your range. There is never any charge for connection.
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We have chefs who want nothing more than to cook (or un-cook!) for YOU! Whether you are looking for a high end seated dinner, or casual prep work, when you hire one of our chefs, you are supporting small business, local farmers, and the crazy dream of a chef to provide conscious playful food to their community.


I hired Lindsey as my chef for a weekend yoga retreat in Point Reyes, CA. Lindsey is super loving in everything she does and it showed up as thoughtfully crafted, delicious and healthy food. It also showed up as her ability to connect to each participant on the retreat with warm, friendly vibes and always a good hug! Lindsey wasn’t just the chef on our retreat, she was an integral part to everyone feeling cared for! Lindsey was professional, creative and intentional and I can’t wait to hire her again for my next retreat!
Kyra created fabulous, fresh, wholesome meals inspired by the bounty of the land. Her joy of preparing food for others, as well as her enthusiasm for sharing her secrets, turned each meal into a celebration. I returned home and began preparing new creations to share with loved ones- starting with my first attempt at chocolate avocado mousse. The mousse exemplifies what is great about Kyra’s creations – simple ingredients plus loving preparation resulting in dishes that are both artistic and satisfying.