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About More Pleaze

Celebrating Food As A Joyful Expression Of Art, Spirit, And Health.

Three Part Mission Statement:

1. Provide community and support the careers of chefs whose work revolves around healing with food, respecting the earth, and wanting to offer more to the profession than the classic restaurant paradigm.

2. Provide access to beautiful healing food to retreat leaders, families, individuals, or anyone looking for healthy food; with a variety of chefs offering a variety of services for a variety of budgets.

3. Inspire health, wellness, and community by bringing awareness to conscious food of all types; without attaching judgment, ego, or dogma to anyone on a different path.



More Pleaze is a collective of health-oriented chefs. We began as the country’s first yoga retreat catering service, and have evolved into an ever-growing collective of natural food chefs with a vested interest in holistic well-being, who offer an array of services, such as private dinners, meal prep, workshops, and recipe development. Food is medicine, and More Pleaze chefs aren’t just chefs; they are healers, artists, and health advocates.



“I never planned on being a chef, let alone heading up a chef collective. I knew that my strengths were organization, healing, and creation. I went to a traditional culinary school, but I never had a desire to be stuck in a high stress, windowless kitchen for minimum wage and claw my way up.

“To me, food was about stories, sharing, and healing.”

I was more comfortable in the front-of-house in restaurants, where I could interact personally with people around food, even though I wasn’t preparing it. I would save up money waitressing and then spend months on end backpacking, exploring open-air food markets, and volunteering on organic farms, where I learned more about cooking and the energy of food than I ever did in culinary school.

It wasn’t until I began teaching cooking classes that I found a way to combine hospitality and cooking. From there I began cooking for retreats and had a crazy dream that I might be able to make a living creating healing foods and supporting transformational gatherings through food.

I did it. I became a fully booked private chef specializing in retreat catering, able to spend my days preparing local intentional food for beautiful humans. Business skyrocketed, and I began to receive requests from clients that I was unable to handle myself (I was too busy!) and I began to receive requests from chefs across the globe attracted to the same healing chef work I was doing, but unsure of how to attract clients and manage the business side of the work.

“A little light went on above my head, and I realized that I had the opportunity to support the wellness industry as well as other chefs by connecting them to each other.”

Since then I have been committed to growing More Pleaze sustainable and consciously, listening to the needs of both chefs and clients, and doing everything I can to serve both so they can thrive.

So here I am today, still a part of this ever-evolving story. More Pleaze grew from me acting as a “concierge” of sorts, manually connecting chefs to clients. I outgrew this, hired a developer, and made the More Pleaze you are on today- a fully functioning online portal dedicated to connection and empowerment.

To be able to live my manifestation while empowering others to do the same is truly a dream come true, and I am so proud of this company and of the amazing individuals who are colleagues, community, and even chosen family.

“I don’t want a collective of identical chefs and celebrate diversity in training, beliefs, ethnicities, spirituality, and on every spectrum of the human experience.”

My chefs, as I am, are all unique individuals and each specializes in their chosen expressions of healthy cuisine, from casual to high end, including farm-to-table, raw vegan, ayurvedic, paleo, pescatarian, traditional, and multicultural vegetarian fusion.

Their common thread is a desire to infuse wellness, community, and intention into their delicious food. I pride myself on choosing each of my chefs personally and knowing they will connect with the clients whom they best align with.

“Food is medicine, and More Pleaze chefs aren’t just chefs; they are healers, artists, and health advocates. Thank YOU so much for your support.”