Retreats are a place to connect, expand, and nourish. The food is vital to this, and our chefs are well connected to intentional food preparation.

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what is a yoga chef?
Yoga literally means “to yoke” – meaning to combine mind, body, spirit, and practice. Just as we combine these qualities on the mat, so can we in the kitchen. As yoga retreats become more prolific, there is a growing need for grounded conscious chefs to cook for retreats, individuals, and groups. We are here to support this movement!
what our chefs offer 
*Custom menus centering around your retreat’s intention
*Farm-to-table rustic cuisine
*Vegan, raw, and fusion cuisine
*Ovo-lacto vegetarian cuisine
*100% plant-based or primarily plant-based with sustainable animal products
*Ayurvedic preparation  for dosha-balancing or dosha specific meals
*Macro-biotic cuisine
*Paleo and/or plant-based paleo
*Gluten-free cuisine
*Oil-free cuisine
*Fresh nut milks, cold-pressed juice, superfood smoothies Coursed meals with servers
*Cooking classes and workshops to add to your retreat
*Sensitive to dietary restrictions and/or food allergies
*All food is prepared with extra LOVE
where we are now
*Northern California: San Francisco Bay Area, Silicon Valley, Marin, Sonoma, Monterey
*Southern California: Los Angeles, San Diego
*Hawaii: Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Big Island
*Colorado: Boulder, Denver, Aspen, Telluride
*Washington: Seattle
*Oregon: Portland, Bend
*Anywhere! We have chef contacts across the United States, Europe, and Australia, we are always happy to support meetings and community growth whenever possible!
words from the owner
As a practicing yoga teacher myself, I understand on many levels the importance of having an on-site chef who understands holistic health and yoga philosophy.
The vast majority of our chefs are avid yogis,  and have ongoing personal spiritual practices, so we understand the importance of the food staying in alignment with all other aspects of the experience.
Our chefs work with yoga teachers and retreat leaders to create custom menus that support their physical and spiritual intentions.
I have been told over and over by retreat leaders and guests, that having conscious food, and a mindful presence in the kitchen, is integral for any successful retreat. Food inspires conversation, community, and synergy in any intentional setting.
It is a true honor to be invited into experiences like these to provide something as as vital as nurturing food so leaders can focus on their guests and attendees can focus on what is very important: healing.
All chefs set their own rates, but we adhere to industry standards. In general, expect to pay private chef rates for under 10 guests, and a per person set cost for retreats over ten guests.
Rates vary by menu, amount of meals, location, and chef’s experience level. Please let us know what your ideal budget is when you contact us so we can pair you with a chef within your range. There is never any charge for connection.
sample menus
Each chef has their own sample menus. Please contact us directly so we can connect you with a chef in your area who offers the style of cuisine you are looking for. There is never any charge for connection.
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We have chefs who love creating specialty recipes both remotely and near you. If you’re looking for a professional to assist with getting your food line, cafe, restaurant, retreat center, or product off the ground, contact us!