Be a More Pleaze Chef

We’re on a personal mission to conquer the food world with rainbows and kale. Want to join us? If you’re a badass private chef with a conscious take on food and life, let’s talk. We book private chef jobs.

how it works


1. Create an account with More Pleaze. Once you login to your portal follow the prompts to complete your application and background check. We vet chefs for experience and brand alignment. Our team will review before making your profile to go live. 


2. Once your profile is live, you can bid on the many gigs posted, offering up a quote, menu, and any notes. Clients will be able to message with you and view your custom chef page to get a feel for your unique personality and offerings. You can change your profile at any time to reflect your evolution. 


3. Once a client approves your proposal – you’re all set for work! Stay in touch with the client for updates, and get ready for an amazing aligned gig! We handle all the payments, giving you a deposit to pre-purchase supplies with, and then the full amount owed after the gig is completed.



Yoga Chefs

Yoga literally means “to yoke” – meaning to combine mind, body, spirit, and practice. We combine these qualities on the mat, and also in the kitchen. Many of our chefs are yogis and teachers themselves.


Special Diets

Our chefs are used to creating custom menus, and many have cross-training in specialty diets, including gluten-free, paleo, ayurvedic, plant-based, vegan, and more. 



While we are not a fully vegan chef collective, all of our chefs are familiar with plant-based offerings, and many clients choose our chefs rather than a large scale caterer because they are plant-based and want a chef who’s food reflects their values.



It might sound cliché, but our chefs really do provide the best available produce and goods locally. Conscious cooking is a huge part of our platform, and that energy begins with the food source.



Our chefs and community honor diversity in all forms, including all genders, LGBTQ+, BIPOC, religious and spiritual beliefs, dietary preferences, and any and all things that make each of us unique. 



We celebrate the human heart through food, thoughts, deeds, words, and actions, and believe you are what you eat. Therefore, all food is always made with LOVE. 

about us

the quick pitch

More Pleaze is a collective of health-oriented chefs. We began as the country’s first yoga retreat catering service, and have evolved into an ever-growing collective of natural food chefs with a vested interest in holistic well-being, who offer an array of services, such as private dinners, meal prep, workshops, and recipe development. Food is medicine, and More Pleaze chefs aren’t just chefs; they are healers, artists, and health advocates. We pride ourselves on pioneering the private chef health and wellness sector! We hope you join our movement!

we are a chef friendly business

More Pleaze is created and run by a practicing personal chef, and our intention is to be chef-friendly and conscious in all dealings as possible. When browsing other similar digital chef networks, we were surprised to find a lack of diversity and that no other centered around health and wellness. Furthermore many other platforms have policies that are not chef friendly, and felt like they offered chefs as disposable amenities, emphasizing cheap rates and risk free cancellation policies. We know that each chef is a unique human, who relies on their work to both feed their souls and feed their families. 

We want to to empower chefs to do the work that they love, and be well compensated for it. We are a small company, and are always listening and doing our best to stay dynamic with our platform and policies. We purposefully have higher vetting processes, because we believe in building relationships and longevity in business. We support conscious business, believe that holistic lifestyle and wellness extends beyond the plate or the mat – and is a mindset and moral operating system, and are committed to calling in chefs and clients with the same outlook on life as we do. If you’re here reading this, this is probably you. 

our ideal chef candidate

Food is medicine, and More Pleaze chefs aren’t just chefs; they are healers, artists, and health advocates. We are calling in a different kind of chef than what you may be used to seeing on television – the yelling stressed out chef intent on creating high end and beautiful meals, but often at the expense of health and wellbeing.

Our chefs are non-traditional private chefs with an emphasis on health and wellness. Our chefs are professional, and many come from traditional backgrounds, but each also has an inclination towards promoting healing and hospitality in their work as well as just making delicious food.

Our chefs are diverse in their trainings and offerings, and many offer specific styles of foods and diets they specialize in, ranging from Ayurvedic to paleo to raw vegan. While we are not a strict plant-based collective, all of our chefs must be familiar with plant-based offerings, and many of our chefs only offer vegan or vegetarian services. Many of our chefs have additional certificates and trainings in nutritional programs, as well as the healing arts, such as yoga teacher training, meditation, reiki, birth training, mindfulness, and so much more.

While this may seem scattered, nothing is farther from the truth. What ties all More Pleaze chefs together is holistic cooking – an integrative approach to health that ties in intention, food sourcing, cooking mechanisms, hospitality, nutrition, and more.

Our ideal chef has professional cooking experience, hospitality experience, and additional training in some form of nutrition, intentional dietary training, and/or healing arts practices. Our ideal chef does not have to be vegan or plant-based, but can comfortably execute a gourmet plant-based menu in addition to their other options. Our ideal chef has a personal desire to heal with food, and their lifestyle and energy reflects this calling. Our ideal chef cooks locally and sustainably, and knows their local farmers and purveyors. 

If this is YOU and you are living and legally able to work in the US, please apply! We’d love to meet you! 

about pricing

We honor our chefs to set their own rates and define their own worth. Rates vary depending on food style, chef’s experience, logistics, and guest count, and while all chefs set their own rates, we adhere to industry standards. Newer chefs will have lower rates so they can gain experience, and seasoned chefs will charge professional rates – and we want to empower both! 

Hourly rates should be reflected in per person pricing, and range from $25/hour for new chefs in lower priced areas (for example living costs are much higher in Hawaii, Los Angeles, or San Francisco, and prices will reflect this) up to $150+/hour for highly trained professional chefs with additional certifications, staff, and a ton of tricks they’ve collected over many years of devoting themselves to their craft. 

Ultimately we want to create a safe space for newer chefs to hone in on their skills for more price conscious clients, but also focus on the high quality and excellence for luxury holistic chefs and the clients that are happy to invest in premium services. We ask that you price yourself fairly and honestly based on your experience, comfort levels with cooking and group sizes, and area. 

There is a small background check fee upon approval at sign-up, but besides that we operate completely free as a search service for our chef collective, taking in the costs of administration, web development and maintenance, and advertising so we can attract like-minded conscious clients to work with you and support your work. We take a percentage based service fee for each booked gig or event in energy exchange for our work and investment.