Classes and Workshops

From workshops for large groups to personalized cooking classes, our chefs have an array of knowledge to share.

what we offer
*Interactive workshops for retreats and spiritual gatherings.
*Team building cooking classes for businesses.
*Personalized cooking classes centered around nutrition and wellness. *Online and remote cooking and coaching.
*Health Coaching.
*Farm-to-table Iron Chef-style improvisational classes.
sample classes & workshops
*Raw, vegan, and vegetarian classes and workshops.
*Fermentation and pickling classes and workshops.
*Ayurvedic cooking, ghee making, dosha balancing classes and workshops.
*Nut cheese classes and workshops.
*Mushroom foraging classes and workshops.
*Raw chocolate classes and workshops.
*Multicultural cuisine classes and workshops.
*Wildcrafting classes and workshops.
*Natural medicine classes and workshops.
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Our chefs are knowledgeable, passionate, and personable. They love not only sharing their food through traditional private chef and catering services but also through teaching and empowering individuals to learn how to nourish themselves. If you are looking for a conscious professional to lead a class or workshop at your home, event, or retreat, please contact us!


Kyra delivered a mind-blowing raw food cooking demo at SoulSpectrum Coaching’s Women’s Empowerment Event Wisdom Well. Kyra’s recipes were quick, accessible and delicious! All of the attendants would agree that this was one of the highlights of the evening. Kyra’s execution was flawless and her depth knowledge of the nutritional benefits of each ingredient enriched the experience tenfold. It was a pleasure and an honor to collaborate with her on Wisdom Well.
We wanted our festival presenters to not only entertain, but also to educate attendees on how they could positively impact not only the world around them but also themselves. From the start of our communication, Kyra was receptive and very easy to work with. She blew their minds wide open with her raw food demo. Those Idaho kids were talking about almond milk and raw chocolate for the rest of the festival! I’d love to have her at all my events.