From an online consultation for your family to a new juice menu at your cafe to corporate recipe books, we’re excited to help you revamp and renew.

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what we offer for big and small business 
*Unique and innovative recipes incorporating seasonal ingredients and fresh local produce.
*Simple and straightforward recipes using accessible ingredients across the country.
*Professional food photography.
*Recipe or nutrition writing.
*Custom cocktail and mocktail menus.
*Employee training.
*Recipes laid out in clear and concise formatting.
*Market testing.
*Portion control.
*Nutritional information.
*Common allergen awareness.
what is a conscious chef?
A conscious chef is someone whose work revolves around healing with food, respecting the earth, and wanting to offer more to the profession than the classic hectic restaurant paradigm. None of our chefs are identical. Each has their own specialties, own style, and own life experience to share through their food.
what all our chefs embody
*A passion for food, wellness, and human connection
*Working knowledge of various cuisine styles and dietary restrictions
*Calm, personable demeanor, and ability to work calmly in open kitchens
*Personal relationships with local farmers and food purveyors
*Knowledge of local and seasonal ingredients
*Holistic health-minded in work and life
*Able to create customized menus for a variety of specialty diets and allergies
*A knowledge that LOVE is the most important ingredient we can put into food.
words from the owner
“The first cooking class I ever taught was a vegetarian improv cooking class for teenagers. We would get in a giant CSA (community supported agriculture) box and have two hours to prepare everything inside of it, Iron Chef Style, for 40 adults.
Can you imagine? I was so nervous to teach this class, but somehow it all worked out perfectly day after day. I felt myself grow as a chef and really understand the ingredients on another level, without a clear-cut plan or recipes to fall back on.
Since then I get a real rush from taking unknown ingredients and creating something new and unplanned. My methodical organizational skills combined with the ability to think outside the box and push boundaries makes recipe development one of my favorite challenges.”
In love with our current scent profile? You can thank the boss ladies at More Pleaze. Tule Fog recently teamed up with More Pleaze to bring you our initial line of cozy fragrances. More Pleaze is a catering company out of SF and Hawaii that focuses on wellness retreats and recipe development. Since we love food and yoga, we thought they were the perfect fit to help create our “recipes.” Kyra Bramble and team were thoughtful, creative and nothing short of magicians with their scent pairings. Thank you for making our homes smell like a million bucks!
Jacqualyn Zupancic, Owner & founder, Tule Fog Candles
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