Personal Chef Services in SF Bay Area

~ Vegan, raw, live, vegetarian, Ayurvedic, and plant-based paleo ~

Consider hiring a plant-based private chef to ensure proper nourishment to your body with delicious recipes.

Lindsey Kraten is our SF resident and she truly enjoys creating recipes to share that are unique, nourishing, sustainably sourced, and tasty! A classically trained yogi-chef, her food ranges from vegetarian to all plant-based options with a strong belief that we can heal our body’s through our food.

Lindsey has spent over the past twelve years in the service industry and has worked almost every position in the restaurant. She truly knows what it means to be of service and is happy to bring her joyful energy and outgoing smile to her work. Make her your go-to SF vegan chef.


  • Plant-based meals using a fusion of raw, vegan, and vegetarian ingredients
  • Custom menus that highlight local and seasonal ingredients
  • Children friendly meals 
  • Easy going and warm demeanor 
  • Available by the day or hour 
  • Personal shopping and preparation
  • Fresh nut milks, cold pressed juice, cocktail mixers 
  • Coursed meals with servers
  • No clean up for you at all 
  • Cooking classes and workshops
  • Holistic health minded
  • Cooking classes and workshops
  • Sensitive to dietary restrictions and/or food allergies
  • All food is prepared with extra LOVE

Booking Inquiries for your SF Vegan Chef 

Lindsey lives beachside in San Francisco, California and services all of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Kyra Bramble, the other half of More Pleaze, lives in Maui, Hawaii and services the islands. Both Kyra and Lindsey love to travel, and seem to have one foot in Hawaii and California at all times. With advance notice they will happily attempt to coordinate travel plans to be compatible with larger booking including catering and workshop opportunities.  

Our Rates 

Rates vary depending on style, logistics, and guests, but generally we charge $65 an hour plus cost of food. New client discounts may be available. 

Please contact us directly so we can give you a free personalized quote. 

Beautiful Words from Beautiful People

I hired Lindsey as my chef for a weekend yoga retreat in Point Reyes, CA. Lindsey is super loving in everything she does and it showed up as thoughtfully crafted, delicious and healthy food. It also showed up as her ability to connect to each participant on the retreat with warm, friendly vibes and always a good hug! Lindsey wasn’t just the chef on our retreat, she was an integral part to everyone feeling cared for! Lindsey was professional, creative and intentional and I can’t wait to hire her again for my next retreat!

Diana Openheim, yoga instructor 

I was ever so fortunate to attend a retreat in which all meals were prepared by Lindsey. This was a little challenging for me; to let go of all control of cooking. I have some food allergies. I always tend to prepare my own meals. Well, not only was I pleasantly surprised by how delicious all the food was but I was amazed by Lindsey’s passion for cooking. She was extremely mindful to my restrictions and prepared alternative options for me. Her passion for cooking is evident in her food. I would highly recommend Lindsey to anyone, Her food is all organic, fresh and delicious.

Sharon Burke, artist & yoga instructor