Private Chef - Los Angeles Area

We offer private chef services, custom meal prep, meal delivery, seated dinners, and boutique weddings in LA and Southern California.
los angeles & beyond 
Los Angeles isn’t only the city of the angels, it’s also at the forefront of conscious cuisine. In an area teeming with high-end plant-based food, we are proud to offer our custom services as well!
Our Southern California chefs (currently based in Los Angeles and San Diego) are diverse in their offerings and training. All chefs offer custom vegan menus for seated dinners and meal prep services, but some specialize in Ayurveda, healing herbs, and higher plated cuisine. Please contact us to see who is available for you!
examples of what our chefs offer 
*Seated multi-coursed dinners
*Casual meal prep for families
*Catered lunches for business and production companies
*Boutique wedding catering
*Brunch parties
*Farmers market tours
*Workshops and cooking classes
*Custom menus for promotional events
*Custom or set menus that highlight local and seasonal ingredients
*Raw food picnic spreads
*Personal shopping and food preparation
*meal delivery options
*Packed lunches for excursions
*Available by the hour, day, or week
*Easy going and warm demeanor
*Farm-to-table rustic or high-end cuisine
*Vegan, raw, and fusion cuisine
*Ovo-lacto vegetarian cuisine
*100% plant-based or primarily plant-based with sustainable animal products
*Ayurvedic preparation  for dosha-balancing or dosha specific meals
*Macro-biotic cuisine
*Paleo and/or plant-based paleo
*Gluten-free cuisine
*Oil-free cuisine
*Fresh nut milks, cold-pressed juice, superfood smoothies
*Salad, wrap & soup bars
*Sensitive to dietary restrictions and/or food allergies
*All food is prepared with extra LOVE
sample menus
We work with a community of yoga chefs in the Los Angeles and San Diego areas with unique training, philosophies, and life experiences; and so each will have unique menus.
Some chefs are more comfortable with casual family-oriented work, and some prefer high-end work, and some prefer corporate work.
All chefs have work with local ingredients and farmers to create vegan and plant-based menus for sit down dinners, but some may also offer Ayurvedic, raw vegan, paleo, pescatarian, farm-to-table (plant-based and/or meat and poultry), along with other styles.
Please contact us directly so we can connect you with a chef, or chefs, in your area who offers the style of cuisine you are looking for. There is never any charge for connection.
areas served
*Santa Monica
*Palm Springs
*San Diego
Rates vary depending on food style, chef’s experience, logistics, and guest count, and while all chefs set their own rates, we adhere to industry standards. Newer chefs will have lower rates so they can gain experience, and seasoned chefs will charge professional rates.
In general, expect to pay between $45-85/hour + cost of food + service charge + tax. Some chefs will have preset menus available that charge per person (rather than an hourly) that range between $40-150 per person.
Please let us know what your ideal budget* and desired menu are when you contact us so we can pair you with a chef within your range. There is never any charge for connection
contact us today 
We work with independent Los Angeles based chefs who have an appreciation and knowledge of all the ins and outs of preparing food in a fast-paced and competitive area. Our chefs love providing nourishment and inspiration. Each of our chefs is different – please contact us today to be connected to the chef (or chefs) that align with your needs and budget.