Lindsey Kraten’s Story

I’m always in the kitchen pouring my heart into creating new recipes to please the taste buds and nourish the body. My plant-based, organic provisions are sure to leave the palate tantalized.

My culinary journey began at a young age when I’d always find myself in the kitchen trying out family recipes or searching for new ones in my mothers cookbook and recipe cards. It didn’t occur to me at the time that cooking would end up being a huge part of what I do now, 20-something years later, but I’m grateful my passion has followed me.

After receiving my associates of occupational studies at the CCA- Le Cordon Bleu culinary academy in San Francisco, I continued working in restaurants, slowly gaining knowledge of how to run a restaurant, back-to-front & inside-and-out. I landed a position at an incredibly delicious and conscious farm-to-table restaurant, Gracias Madre (sister restaurant to Cafe Gratitude), after a long travel around the world. This concept of creating uniquely divine dishes from the freshest ingredients, including sourcing from their own farm, was all new to me, but it was something I felt very connected with. After working my way up to the General Manager role at Gracias Madre, I decided to step out into the world again for another long journey to far away lands.

Traveling is something that has played an incredible role in my life and has helped to shape my perspective of the world(s) we are living in today. Many of the dishes I enjoy creating in the kitchen are tidbits of inspiration from my travels afar. The biggest impact travel has made on me is coming to the realization that the way we consume our food is not sustainable for the planet, nor for our bodies. After coming to this realization, I felt it was imperative to the health of my body and the planet to develop a stronger sense of sustainable practices into my daily life, including buying organic and locally sourced food.

Other important practices that have become part of my daily life are yoga and sound healing. I have been a yoga practitioner and student for almost 10 years and an instructor for 2 years. I’m also currently receiving my Music, Voice and Sound Healing certification from CIIS in San Francisco. Discovering yoga and the effects of sound vibration on the body have been an enormous blessing to my life and have influenced my cooking profoundly. For example: creating an intentionally clear and positive space for when I decide to cook is important.

I strongly believe that the energy I’m feeling will carry over into my creations with food, so I take extra care to make sure I’m feeling clear and grounded before cooking. Often times you’ll find me playing some inspiring tunes and singing along while I’m in the kitchen! This mind-body level of presence can be tasted and even felt in the body after eating my food!

I am so proud to be representing More Pleaze in the San Francisco Bay Area! 

Some of my inspiring previous and current projects include: 

*Co-founder of a small pop-up restaurant at Ocean Beach in SF-Mermaid Market
*Personal holistic chef for local families serving the Outer Sunset district of SF
*Holistic retreat chef for yoga and well-being retreats
*Co-hosting Detox Cleanse workshops with organic and raw meals, yoga, massage & sound healing

Lindsey Kraten