Kyra Bramble’s Story

Hi! I’m Kyra Bramble and to me, food is a way to share my art while nourishing those around me. What other form of artistic expression literally feeds those that you love? Through food I have found a way to share my soul with the world. Through food we learn about science, history, spirituality, and our own unique bodies.

I remember traveling to the southern coast of Italy to stay with a friend’s family when I was eighteen. Up until then I had little experience with big family meals…. Although my father was diligent about enforcing a strict vegetarian diet and eating organic, most of my meals were eaten alone or with one or two other people.

But in Europe, each meal was a cause for celebration. Every single member of the family, from eight months to eighty years old, was given a space at the crowded table, where delicious and simple food, not to mention wine, was served and shared amidst laughter and smiles.

When I got back to the United States, this vision stayed in my head, and I decided to forgo a traditional college experience to instead go to culinary school. I enrolled at the California Culinary Academy in 2005. I earned my degree and continued in the restaurant industry working both front and back of house jobs.

During this time I began to take travel very seriously, I was even a travel writer for a time with, and through travels across Southeast Asia and Central America, I began to fall even more in love with food. I spent months on end living and working on organic farms, learning about the land and how to taste the difference when food is grown and prepared with love.

Back in California, I felt discontent with restaurant work and decided I wanted to dive a little deeper into food, so I shifted my focus to teaching. I began with healthy cooking classes geared towards low-income families.

This led to a weekly job teaching a “Vegetarian Improv Class” with teens and then leading free cooking classes with Y.U.M. Chefs using donated organic groceries. I liked to “trick” the kids into eating healthy food. We made tempeh taco filling, vegan banana nut bread, homemade ravioli, and so much more. I loved teaching these inner city children where food comes from! To remind them that a chicken used to live and breath. That their canned pineapple grows from a bush. That chocolate used to be a fruit….

From here I began to delve more into the holistic side of food. I began taking private chef jobs as an onsite chef for yoga retreats and spiritual gatherings. I loved being able to fully immerse myself in these gatherings and provide cleansing and nourishing food for the guests while they embarked on such deep soul journeys.

Wanting to journey even deeper into health and wellness, I left San Francisco and moved to Maui where I live and work today. Every week of my life is a little different! On some weeks I am onsite catering for large groups, some weeks I am booked for health coaching and recipe planning, and some weeks I am working on the administrative side of business.

I am also pursuing a Nutrition Consultant certification with Hawthorn University and studying medicinal plants with Earth Medicine Institute. In my free time -a rarity- you can find me teaching vinyasa flow at Mangala Yoga, at the beach, chasing waterfalls, or reading in a hammock.

I wake up every morning grateful to have the opportunity to not only do what I love, but to have the privilege to share it with others. This business is the result of me always wanting more, and never being satisfied with anything less. I am so proud of what More Pleaze has become: a growing network of natural food chefs committed to creating and spreading healthy food.

Thank you for helping me support my dream.

Kyra Bramble

More Pleaze founder, owner, and head chef