To get connected with chefs in your area, please fill out the appropriate form (to better serve chefs and clients we now have multiple forms for various booking styles) below with as much information as you can. We'll work our magic and connect you.
private chef for a special occasion meal service 
Please use this form for a classic chef services such as a special occasion meal, a Mother’s Day brunch, or an appetizer spread for a dinner party. Rates may be hourly or priced per person, depending on guest count and chef’s pricing structure. While we empower our chefs to set their own rates as individuals, $60-150pp with a $500 minimum for service is a good industry standard to abide by.
*Please note that all questions are mandatory unless requested otherwise.
retreat catering services 
Please use this form to  request a catering quote for your yoga, dance, meditation, or any multi-day intentional retreat. Retreat quotes generally assume a minimum of 10 guests over a multi-day period and are priced by the meal, day, weekend, or week, with rates averaging at about $25 per person per meal for basic service. Travel and lodging covered if the location is remote. Sometimes we have newer chefs wanting to gain expereince that can work with lower budgets, and love empowering them!


*Please note that all questions are mandatory unless requested otherwise.
repeat or ongoing chef services 
Please use this form for a request for ongoing chef services including multi-day vacation services for a group or family, weekly meal prep services at your home or business, or post-natal packages for new families. Rates vary, but in general expect to pay $150-450/ chef visit plus cost of food and a service fee. We empower our chefs to set their own rates, and rates vary based on chef experience, hours onsite, food complexity, and other factors.
*Please note that all questions are mandatory unless requested otherwise.
wedding or large scale event request form 
Please use this form for a request for a large event including weddings, corporate events, and all events (except retreats) over 30 people, or events that require an external kitchen to be brought in. These events require our more experienced and high end chefs, and rates vary wildly depending on location, logistics, and chef expereince. Please fill out the form to the best of your ability so we can best connect you!


*Please note that all questions are mandatory unless requested otherwise.
cooking class or workshop 
Please use this form for a requests such as: a cooking class for your family, a workshop for your office or event, a farmer’s market tour while you are traveling, or a fun interactive food-oriented workshop for your bridal shower or birthday party. Rates vary greatly, please fill out all the information you can so we can best connect you to a chef who can serve your needs.
*Please note that all questions are mandatory unless requested otherwise.
what makes our chefs different 
*A passion for food, wellness, and human connection
*Working knowledge of various cuisine styles and dietary restrictions
*Calm, personable demeanor, and ability to work calmly in open kitchens
*Personal relationships with local farmers and food purveyors
*Knowledge of local and seasonal ingredients
*Holistic health-minded in work and life
*Able to create customized menus for a variety of specialty diets and allergies
*A knowledge that LOVE is the most important ingredient we can put into food.
what is a yoga chef? 
Yoga literally means “to yoke” – meaning to combine mind, body, spirit, and practice. Just as we combine these qualities on the mat, so can we in the kitchen. As conscious eating become more prolific, there is a growing need for grounded conscious chefs to cook for retreats, individuals, and groups. We are here to support this movement!
how it works
*You email us with what you are looking for
*We contact all chefs who fit your needs and see who is available
*We connect you with the chef(s)
*Chefs offer a custom quote within your ideal range
*You make magic together!
sample menus 
We work with a community of yoga chefs with unique training, philosophies, and life experiences; and so each will have unique menus.
Some chefs are more comfortable with casual family-oriented work, and some prefer high-end five-star seated dinners work.
All chefs have work with local ingredients and farmers to create vegan and plant-based menus for sit down dinners, but some may also offer Ayurvedic, raw vegan, paleo, pescatarian, farm-to-table (plant-based and/or meat and poultry), along with other styles.
Please contact us directly so we can connect you with a chef, or chefs, in your area who offers the style of cuisine you are looking for. There is never any charge for connection.