We offer private chef services, retreat catering, seated dinners, weddings, and meal prep on the beautiful island of Hawaii. Our chefs specialize in plant-based farm-to-table cuisine.
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Big Island private chef
The Big Island of Hawaii is the youngest and the largest of the Hawaiian Islands. It is also home of the active Kilauea volcano. From bananas to lilikoi, to sugarcane, Hawaii is covered in abundant and productive farmland. The Big Island is the most sparsely populated island. That said, there are many secret waterfall spots, hidden views, and miles upon miles of unexplored rainforest. This island holds many mysteries and undiscovered realms. Our chefs craft magical cuisine using the islands finest ingredients to bring you an authentic meal that feeds not just the body, but the soul. Join us on the Big Island for an experience your tastebuds will never forget!
the chefs

Chef Angel | Maui, HI

Chef Christopher | Kauai, HI

Chef Colleen | Oahu, HI

Chef Emily | Kauai, HI

Chef Erin | Maui, HI

Chef Gwen | Maui, HI

Chef Hannah | Oahu, HI

Chef Hannah K | San Diego, CA

Chef Jasmine | Big Island, HI

Chef Jana | Kauai, HI

Chef Julie | Oahu, HI

Chef Kyra | Maui, HI & SF Bay Area, CA

Chef Michele | Maui, HI

Chef Nikki | Big Island, HI

Chef Theresa | Big Island, HI

Dr. Traci | Oahu, HI

what makes our chefs different 
A conscious chef is someone whose work revolves around healing with food, respecting the earth, and wanting to offer more to the profession than the classic hectic restaurant paradigm. None of our chefs are identical. Each has their own specialties, own style, and own life experience to share through their food. All of our chefs embody the following qualities:
*A passion for food, wellness, and human connection
*Working knowledge of various cuisine styles and dietary restrictions
*Calm, personable demeanor, and ability to work calmly in open kitchens
*Personal relationships with local farmers and food purveyors
*Knowledge of local and seasonal ingredients
*Holistic health-minded in work and life
*Able to create customized menus for a variety of specialty diets and allergies
*A knowledge that LOVE is the most important ingredient we can put into food.
services offered
Private Chef Services
From seated dinners, special lunches, boutique weddings, picnics, and intentional meal prep – our chefs are happy to nourish your special occasion.
Ongoing & Meal Delivery Chef Services
Too busy to cook? Have a special diet or health goal that you would like support with? On vacation and just want there to be a fridge full of food that everyone will enjoy? Our chefs have set rates for weekly or more frequent meal prep visits, and will customize menus to you and your family.  Many of our chefs are also nutritionists, health coaches, and trained in many healing foods.
Retreat Catering
The food offerings at your intentional event should match the event itself! Our chefs love retreat immersions and will prepare a custom menu that fits your event energetically and nutritionally. Many of our chefs are trained yoga teachers themselves.
Pre & Post-Natal Chef Services (Doula Chefs)
Nurture your or a loved one’s special time with doula chef services. Many of our chefs are also trained in birth support services, specialty nutrition, and they love nourishing mamas of all kinds through all trimesters, post-partum, and beyond. Our Ayurvedic chefs also have special knowledge of pre and post-natal food prep. Inquire about availability in your area.
Cooking Classes and Workshops
Our chefs love empowering others to take control of their health. Many chefs offer both public cooking classes as well as one-on-one instruction. Classes can be intentional and curated, designed for fun and play, or both! Please ask!
Recipe Development
Need help with your new menu, blog, or wellness program? Many of our chefs are also recipe developers, bloggers, photographers, and more! They love assisting others with custom menus and development.
cuisines offered 
In addition to classic culinary training, many of our chefs specialize in healing foods of all types. Availability for different services varies by location and chef, but all chefs have knowledge of plant-based and intentional cooking.
*Farm-to-table rustic or high-end cuisine
*Vegan, raw, and fusion cuisine
*Ovo-lacto vegetarian cuisine
*100% plant-based or primarily plant-based
* Sustainable animal products
*Ayurvedic preparation for dosha-balancing or dosha specific meals
*Macro-biotic cuisine
*Paleo and/or plant-based paleo
*Gluten-free cuisine
*Oil-free cuisine
*Fresh nut milks, cold-pressed juice, superfood smoothies
*Sensitive to dietary restrictions and/or food allergies
*All food is prepared with extra LOVE
sample menus
We work with a community of yoga chefs with unique training, philosophies, and life experiences; and so each will have unique menus.
Some chefs are more comfortable with casual family-oriented work, and some prefer high-end five-star seated dinners work.
All chefs have work with local ingredients and farmers to create vegan and plant-based menus for sit down dinners, but some may also offer Ayurvedic, raw vegan, paleo, pescatarian, farm-to-table (plant-based and/or meat and poultry), along with other styles.
Please contact us directly so we can connect you with a chef, or chefs, in your area who offers the style of cuisine you are looking for. There is never any charge for connection.
We honor our chefs to set their own rates and define their own worth. Rates vary depending on food style, chef’s experience, logistics, and guest count, and while all chefs set their own rates, we adhere to industry standards. Newer chefs will have lower rates so they can gain experience, and seasoned chefs will charge professional rates.
In general, expect to pay between $45-75/hour + cost of food + service charge + tax.
Some chefs will have preset menus available that charge per person rather than an hourly. Seated dinner rates are typically per guest for over 6-10 guests.
Meal prep and delivery rates may be per person (for established meal delivery providers) or hourly + cost of food for personalized offerings.
Please let us know what your ideal budget* and desired menu are when you contact us so we can pair you with a chef within your range. There is never any charge for connection.
*We honor kama’aina.
work with us
We want to grow our chef community! Please contact us to see how you can join our family and do what you love! Ideal candidates have:
*Culinary experience and training
*FOH and/or managerial experience
*Training in any of the following: holistic nutrition, Ayurveda, raw foods, macro-biotics, traditional cuisine
*A personal yoga and meditation practice
*Local residents with a working knowledge of local produce, farmers, and customs
*Understand and embody a conscious playful spirit!
contact us today 
We have chefs who want nothing more than to cook (or un-cook!) for YOU! Whether you are looking for a high end seated dinner, or casual prep work, when you hire one of our chefs, you are supporting small business, local farmers, and the crazy dream of a chef to provide conscious playful food to their community.